Am I Called?: Part I

People these days (especially students) are always asking questions related to the certainty of God’s call on their life. Though I have taught on the subject on a number of occasions, I have yet to figure out how such a common concept remains so hard to define when push comes to shove!

This week I will post three quite different perspectives. Though not entirely opposing views, which ones do find more helpful?  Here is quote #1:

The term mission call should never have been coined. It is not Scriptural and therefore can be harmful. Thousands of youth desiring to serve the Lord have waited and waited for some mysterious “missionary call” that never came. After a time they gave up the idea of going to the mission field”. (J. Herbert Kane 1978)

  • Kane is clearly frustrated with the term “missionary call.”
  • I tend to agree – waiting for that Apostle-Paul-Blinding-Light-Audible-Voice experience may be in futility.
  • I have often said, there is a lie which younger generations easily believe. The lie is they are not old enough, smart enough, educated enough – nor ready to really make a difference in God’s mission. So they wait…sometimes many years an event which never comes.

It is impossible to steer a car that is standing still…somehow we need to get moving and test whether we’re going in a direction God would want us to go.

[Quote #2 coming in 2 days.]

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

Do you have more “God’s call” quotes which have helped you?

3 Responses to Am I Called?: Part I

  1. The best word of advice I got when we were trying to discern our “call” to the mission field was from a wise friend of ours (who has been a missionary in Africa for over 30 years). He said that calling is almost always a case of hindsight. That often, we won’t see the ‘call’ before us and that it is often as we look BACK at our life, we see God’s leading & affirmation of where he was “calling” us. He challenged us to focus less on the word “call” and more on the matter of whether we felt “compelled.” That made total sense to me & has been very significantly true in our experience.

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