Am I Called?: Part II

So how does God call us? What does it feel like? Is it a onetime thing?

Here is another perspective on the Christian life.

“But I tend to believe that people who just want a cheap way out of their life can find zealotry in a lot of places. The true life of a believer is one of a longer, more hazardous or uphill pilgrimage, and where you uncover slowly the sort of illumination for your next step.” (Bono in Conversation with Michka Assayas)

Ahh Bono – I had to throw this one in. What does he know about how God leads us?

Doesn’t this feel like calling might evolve over time? At times I find discipleship is more like a journey or – dare I say – even a struggle than it is an event. We follow a person (Jesus) and he is on the move, all the time.

Reflecting on life, this feels much like the way God leads me.

It actually is reminiscent of God’s way with a guy named Abram back in the Old Testament – “Go from your own country…to a land I will show you” (Gen 12:1).

[Quote #3 of 3 coming in 2 days.]

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

Do you have more “God’s call” quotes which have helped you?

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  1. Am I called? Great topic Sam! I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and resonate with the idea of calling being a faithful, consistent, journey rather than the sudden, bright light on the road to Damascus. Although, that would be helpful too :)

    I totally recommend an article written by John Ortberg called “Guard Your Calling, Frodo” Jan 10, 2011. My favorite line is “Calling matters because the Caller matters.”

    Do I have quotes on call?! Honestly, I have written so many in my journal that I would fill your blog with them. I will share the most recent one by Oswald Chambers.

    “No christian has a special work to do. A christian is called to be Jesus Christ’s own, one who is not above his Master, one who does not dictate to Jesus Christ what she intends to do. Our Lord calls to no special work, He calls to Himself.”

    That’s pretty freeing! It’s out of relationship with Christ where calling is lived out.

    Like your blog!
    Jean Bergen

  2. Great comments Jean. I am definitely going to check out that article by Ortberg. And I agree with you that when we know whose we are, we know who we are. Risk taking obedience in life comes from a place of complete freedom.

  3. Hi Sam,
    just discovered your blog yesterday… and have been thinking about your question: What does calling feel like?” great question! :)
    from my experience ‘feeling’ called seems to involve a range of emotions….

    Sometimes it feels like a dramatic AHA! moment,… when the ‘lights come on’ and we just KNOW that what we are doing/being is what we were designed to do/be.

    Sometimes, it’s that subtle heart pitter patter, that catches us by surprise … a gentle nudge by the Spirit… trying to catch our attention.

    Sometimes, it’s the twinkle, the tear, the clarity, the hope, that we see in someone’s eyes as we do/say what we feel we should be doing/saying.

    Sometimes it’s that “I absolutely LOVE this” feeling that overwhelms us and fills us with delight.

    Sometimes it’s that CERTAINTY that enables us to commit no matter the cost.

    my thoughts…

    • Judy, thanks for discovering the blog and taking a moment to comment. I appreciate your thoughts, they do help us define the range of ways that God calls his children. I don’t think that there is any one way in particular that should stand out as more significant than the others. “Feelings” should never be the only thing we base our decisions on, but God created us as emotional beings, I love the way He interacts with our emotions. Jesus was pretty emotional at times in the Bible and I would imagine still is today as He interacts with people.

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