RU speakin’ my language?

When discerning direction in life, I sometimes experience trouble knowing whether God is actually leading me. Input comes from so many sources – parents, friends, competitors and our own internal conflicts.

Add to these:





Even pride…all play their part in distracting us.

Though I hesitate to suggest a formula of any sort – here are three little questions that help me discern God’s direction in my life (in no particular order).

  1. Does it resonate with the Holy Spirit’s presence within me? [see John 10:27 “my sheep hear my voice, I know them, they follow me.”]
  2. Is there a Biblical example similar in principle to the direction I intend to take? [ie. Abraham into the unknown, Ruth in her commitment to stay with family, or Paul to become a missionary]
  3. Is the direction confirmed by the community of believers around me?  [ie. Do others confirm this to be a good direction? Do they feel it is a good fit for my gifts and calling? Or do they sense a sort caution or warning?]

It is virtually impossible for you to get counterfeit advice or be led astray if you take the time and pay attention to all these steps.

Often as these three ‘tests’ check out for me, I have PEACE! – then I trust God and ‘go for it.’


What guiding principles help you to make larger life-changing decisions?

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