Textn’ Q’s bout mission

Recently we put two of our newest long term MB Missionaries in the hot seat in front of over 700 youth (high school age) at the MB National Youth Convention.  We put a number to text on the big screens and invited everyone in the room to send in their questions to have them answered live!

As expected we couldn’t keep up. Within minutes we had over 100 text responses come in. Picture them coming from a teenager you know…they were sincere and surprisingly thoughtful …most of all they were just pretty darn inspiring.  Wanna know the top themes?

Krista (heading to Burkina Faso) and Stacy (heading to Brazil), two gifted single women committing at least 10 years as missionaries, did their best to field the Q’s.

As I read the questions I saw themes emerge, each of these represents at least 20 other young people who asked the same thing.

Here the top themes with one teen’s question…


Were u interested in missions b4 high school? 


What keeps you going in missions?


Have you got to help lead people to Christ?


How do we (teens) get involved?


Did your family (at first) support you when you first wanted to go into missions?


What’s the hardest thing about getting into the mission field?


How do you know if you’re going where God wants you to go vs. where you want to go?    [I tackle this one my next post…click here]

It turns out a high percentage of young adults in our churches are serious about mission. We think they exist to fool around but give them a vision and a number to call; you’ll see those fingers can text real sentences! In less than a minute they will reveal deep down desires and even attach their name. They are serious about the lost. They are serious about obeying Jesus no matter the cost. They want to know what it is really going to feel like, to taste like –  what is really going to happen to them if they lay it ALL on the line.  Who is going to answer these questions?

My encouragement today is to say a prayer for every youth leader, whether salaried here or remunerated in heaven. Let’s ask God to give them grace and wisdom to answer.

What would you ask a missionary?


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  1. i know my phone got used by multiple ppl to send in multiple txts @ the conference (we challenged our youth to leave their phones in their rooms). my fav. ? you listed: how do we (teens) get involved? LOVE IT.

  2. My favorite theme is the direction theme! “How do you know if you are going where God wants you to go vs. where you want to go?” That question has totally rocked my world the last 2 months. I am VERY VERY VERY interested in what you have to say regarding this, Sam. Of course there is a story that goes along with this and you’ll just have to call me to find out… ;)

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