Top 10 Reasons To Be A Missionary

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. (Matt 24:14)

I can’t think of a more compelling statement to inspire missionaries: veteran or rookie. “This is not a great commission, nor a great commandment. It is a great certainty, a great confidence.” (John Piper)I know many unbelievable missionaries who have left their home country leaning 110% on this confidence. Nothing expresses this more clearly than their top 10 reasons to be a missionary.

10. The food – our friends introduce us to every part of their culture, including amazing and sometimes unusual foods

9. Challenge and Adventure – exploring never ceases, new streets, new traffic ‘laws,’ new markets, unpronounceable diseases, and public transportation – all the while living as a minority and receiving stares from everyone.

8. Language – studying a brand new language and using it immediately  (thank you communication technology!)

7. Foretaste of Heaven – worshiping in another language(s) begins for us the eternal reality of all nations singing around the throne of God

6. Explore a New Culture – learning, in detail, about another culture, and see life from its unique perspective (to say nothing of becoming a fan of new sports teams)

5. New Community and Friends – building life-long friendships with people you would have never dreamed possible until they became your neighbors

4. Heightened Dependency on Jesus – relying daily on God to provide everything big and small

3. Witness Lives Transformed – seeing Jesus change bring life and hope and healing where only brokenness preceded

2. Share with Unreached People – sharing the Gospel with people who have never heard it before. No greater privilege!

1. Obedience to God – doing what God has called us to do, where He has led us to be – nothing could be better

Awesome! This is one exciting list. To profoundly experience many of these realities takes a big commitment. My prayer is it gives you a boost closer to that risky long term move into another land.

Contributors to this list are missionaries who have given their lives to see multiplying churches planted in the countries they serve. [Thanks to Jen Schmidt, Sandra Plett – Guadalara, Mexico; Becky Oullette – Phuket, Thailand; “B” – Asia; Ben and Melissa Froese – Berlin Germany].

If you have 2 minutes more, check out this video and let some more missionaries inspire you on camera.

 Watch “Being a Missionary”

A wise person once said, “you are either a missionary or a mission field.”

How have you experienced that privilege it is to be a part of God’s incredible mission to reach all nations?


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