Making Life Change Stick

We’ve all been to that convention. You know the one where you absolutely knew your life would forever be changed.

Then you went home.

I mean the music was anointed, the speaking top notch, the workshops uber-creative. You made countless new commitments, planned to start brand new habits (perhaps reform some old ones), envisioned new goals, and dreamed new dreams.  Jesus seemed so real, you gave him every part of your life.

What happened to that “this-is-so-much-more-than-an-event” feeling? Now the buzz is gone, the spotlights are off and your normal family looks so much more normal than usual.

If that’s you…here are a few things that might help make that life change stick.

1. Take home a memento – a physical object to place on your desk or carry with you. It can serve as a reminder of the life commitment made. It might come from the event itself (armband, brochure or poster) or it could be something that symbolizes how you want to change (mustard seed-for faith, rock-for dependency on God, leaf-for healing).

2. Re-articulate what you learned – perhaps you will have a chance to share with a friend, your family or youth group. This is a great opportunity to rephrase what you believe God did in your life clearly and simply. Restating it over and over again can make it more real.

3. Share with the right person – if you choose to share more vulnerably with a mentor or good friend, pick them wisely. Pick someone who has proven to be an encourager to others. Someone who will follow-up and ask how it is going. There is nothing worse than having your deep convictions blown off by someone else.

4. Practice something today – whatever you were inspired to do, read your Bible, be more compassionate, raise some money for the poor or save for a mission trip; start NOW. In fact, it could be argued that nothing significant happened until you prove it. Start that new habit tomorrow morning. What are you waiting for Christmas?

5. Remember who changes who – really, lighten up dude. If God changed you…God changed you. The transformation is much more profound than memorizing session notes or rereading your journal every day for a month. No, trust the presence of God with you. He’s in you! That’s the miracle of it all.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully believe our lives can change in an instant. That’s one reason I love big events. I spoke at one this weekend called the Southern District Youth Convention (SDYC). A gathering worth every minute of planning should only one or two young adults walk away more convinced of and committed to God’s purpose for their life.

Still it is going to take some work right now to make that life change stick. Is anyone with me? Our schools, our families, our cities are crying out for some real transformed lives.

How did you maintain life change after the last event you attended?

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  1. You are right on, Sam. Love your writing! Another thing I find works for me is to write it out and reread it every time I have doubts about that experience.

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