Advice To Live By In 2012

I am going to work hard at eliminating that little bulge which developed around my belt line over Christmas. And I will try to smile more in 2012 or be more thankful, but I don’t need New Year’s resolutions to do that stuff. After all I feel Bono summed it up best, “Nothing changes on New Year’s day.” (except the color and size of the shades)

This year I would rather throw out a little advice to live by.
Read less but read often. This applies to all genres, however, the best advice I ever received was to read less volume in my Scripture reading but to read it as frequently as possible. Daily bible reading is an absolute joy and will change your life. Simply absorb a ‘nugget’ for the day rather than obsessing about completing the entire New Testament every month.

Journal less but journal consistently. Try journaling. I have written on why I keep a journal (click here), however I find many people are plagued with a sense of falling behind on writing. Falling behind on what? You can’t fall behind because anything you write is recorded gift.

Reflect less but reflect frequently. You don’t need an expensive 10 day vacation at an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas to find pause for reflection. Though a great idea to save up for, I’ll venture to guess you will be so busy enjoying God’s creation with a snorkel in your mouth, serious reflection may not be a priority. Rather take a brief moment every day or week to reflect on what happened. Without reflection we miss opportunity for gratitude.

Risk smaller but risk habitually. Every day we have opportunity to risk in relationship. We can risk by giving generously or by deciding to forgive when no one else in the world would. But don’t wait until March or April to risk big. Risk a little today. The miracle is a free lifestyle of risk taking obedience which somehow puts huge acts of obedience in their place. Before long Jesus might present you with a biggee – bring on that career change to plant a church or the outlandish dream of a university degree!

Think less of yourself but remember to celebrate.  Always live in the moment. Celebrate each day for the gift that it is.  Listen to God’s promptings as life happens. Respond and enjoy His creation and His people. Immediate delight and worship will be the reaction of the day.

I could go on but I will stop to let you add to this list.

What other bit of advice will you live by in 2012?


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  1. Thanks for this post, Sam! I really like the idea of smaller but more frequently for each of these areas. Its a good reminder that little things are good and add up and I don’t necessarily have to have big for it to be good. Thanks!

    • Sarah, thanks for this comment. You have the dubious honor of having one of the first comments for 2012. And it’s a good one. “Small steps taken in the same direction, over time…win you the marathon” (Steve Klassen)

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