An Audacious First Request of Jesus

Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes I write too little. This post is a bit of both.

Check out this story I tell on video from central Thailand of Nut’s first request of Jesus.

HEADLINE: A coffee shop owner named ‘Nut’ gives his life to Christ through the prayers of his wife, church family and the consistent friendship with a java drinking short term mission TREK team.

Would that happen here?

CONSIDER THIS: buy a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop today, buy another tomorrow. Consider the person who serves you. Perhaps they are in a tight spot in life or they have run out of options in some way.

If God is supernatural and could answer their heart’s deepest longing:

What do you think their first request of a supernatural God would be?

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  1. Unashamed! Yeah! God loves watching his dominoes fall and I am blessed when given the eyes to behold the architect at work…His glory revealed!

  2. Wow this is great! I’ve heard bits and pieces from the TREK teams over the past two years, but it’s great to have the story all put together. Thanks for sharing and leading us in prayer Sam!

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