Splash Back

Recently I was praying with some MB Mission staff members for some of our colleagues who had traveled to a country where the choice to follow Jesus can cost you your life.

splash back

Our team was going to teach, equip and facilitate a retreat for church leaders.

As we prayed we sensed our team was going to be on the receiving end of God’s blessing. They were going to ‘get’ more than they would ‘give.’ We prayed for an environment filled with spiritual contagions. These contagions had names like radical faith, unquenchable joy, deep peace, and overflowing genuine love. Our team was to get ready for “splash back.”

Splash back is meant to be a normal reality in the Body of Christ

Splash back is like the “aroma of Christ” that fills every place we enter (2 Cor 2:15)  

Splash back happens when “two or three are gathered in my [Jesus’] name” on the soccer pitch, in the work place, and yes, even in a worship service (Matt 18:20)

Splash back is something to crave and desire.

Splash back is fuel to live as “sheep among wolves” (Matt 10:16)

Splash back is like the biblical expression “to spur each other on to love and good deeds” (Heb 10:24)

Splash back happens to us all the time

But perhaps it needn’t be quite so mystical or even theological. It can be as practical and seemingly insignificant as a pat on the back.

I meet alumni of the TREK and ACTION programs all the time. They may be coaches, administrators, farmers, teachers, college chaplains, sometimes pastors or missionaries yet their fire for Jesus is a contagious gift of “splash back” to me.

Look for it everywhere:

  • on mission trips,
  • as your family eats dinner,
  • every time you worship with a local fellowship of believers,
  • as you read a stellar biography,
  • as you spend time with a friend or mentor,
  • or as you observe unusual perseverance in difficult circumstances.

How have you recently experienced “splash back” unexpectedly?

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