I Was Goliath

My 11 year daughter likes to write out her prayers.


Here is her prayer after reading David and Goliath.

“Last Sunday our family read from the David and Goliath story. I felt like I was Goliath being defeated by something much smaller than me but, then I realized I could be in David’s spot! I just had to believe that you were right with me the whole time! And I ended up defeating the giant in my way just by having you and having confidence in myself! Now I know to act like David and believe in myself and in you and I will be rewarded.”

Her take on the story made me smile.

“I felt like I was Goliath being defeated by something much smaller than me…”

Have you ever read the story that way before? Can’t say I have.

Her perspective is so unique and her interpretation so innocent.

She identified herself with Goliath, this 14 ft giant doomed that day by a small boy and a sling shot.

She too had been feeling doomed. And she, like Goliath, had been acting rather nonchalantly about it. She was being threatened by some ‘little’ things. Pint-sized fears and miniature anxieties were all too dominant in her thought life. In a way, they were subtly incapacitating her. She didn’t like the affect these fears were having on her. She was beginning to recognize their hidden power.

Ana realized she had a choice. Stay doomed like Goliath or switch characters.

How about that? Who thought playing both characters would be so compelling. And though I’m sure this story is mostly about conquering giants, I had no idea it could illustrate to a little girl she had been acting like one.

Have you realized the great threat very little fears can cause?

If you haven’t there may be a stone coming your way. You better switch characters quick.

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