Mad Bulls or Angry Crows

While on a break from our meetings together in Kenya at the beginning of January, a few of us went to grab a coke.


That’s when one person from Kenya spoke up.

“Peter you are a quiet guy why don’t you share a story.”

Peter asked, “what kind of story?”

“Any kind”

[Incidentally, as I witnessed this exchange I asked myself, what kind of story would I tell if she asks me next? She didn’t.]

Peter quietly agreed, and then succinctly summarized this true account. Some Christians in his country were on outreach. Many of the religious leaders in the village were opposed to the Gospel and rallied a mob to track down the young band of evangelists. In the heat of the moment, the mob’s anger led them to ‘arm’ themselves with hoes and shovels and other farming implements of all shapes and sizes. The Christians fled to a house in the village and started to pray.

At this point Peter strangely inserted that cattle in his country are known to be some of the most docile in the world. They are found everywhere in rural settings and roam freely.

On that day, to everyone’s surprise as the mob closed in on the building protecting the Christians, a few of the local bulls raised their heads and started to charge at the angry mob. This was completely uncharacteristic of the bulls and what proved to be an even greater miracle was the bulls’ persistence in chasing the down the mob for over one kilometer until it had completely disbanded. The Christians saw this as a clear sign of God’s intervention, they continued fearlessly share the Gospel with everyone else in the village.

Wouldn’t you?

For what credit is it if, when you sin and are beaten for it, you endure? But if when you do good and suffer for it you endure, this is a gracious thing in the sight of God. For to this you have been called… (1 Peter 2:20-1)

Peter (name changed) is a wise soft spoken leader. He comes from a country in Africa where Christians often suffer by only professing faith in Jesus.

I am praying for increased delight to share the love of Jesus with our neighbours. Even in Canada we may risk some misunderstanding. But how bad can it really get? We have a faithful God and it is a privilege to be transformed by grace today! This is worth talking about.

Hey if things heat up on my cul de sac, God might rally some psycho garbage picking crows to protect my family.

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