Cancer’s Ditch


“There is a ditch dug in your life and there’s no going back.”

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Mad Bulls or Angry Crows


While on a break from our meetings together in Kenya at the beginning of January, a few of us went to grab a coke.


That’s when one person from Kenya spoke up. Continue reading

Jesus Is Human


Ana's ideaHere is a simple reflection from our house to yours.

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I Was Goliath


My 11 year daughter likes to write out her prayers.


Here is her prayer after reading David and Goliath. Continue reading

Splash Back


Recently I was praying with some MB Mission staff members for some of our colleagues who had traveled to a country where the choice to follow Jesus can cost you your life.

splash back

Our team was going to teach, equip and facilitate a retreat for church leaders. Continue reading

Same Tank, Different Water


“Wow this is way harder and more stressful than I thought,” said a TREK participant last week after returning home from a 10 month long cross cultural short term mission stint.


I’ll bet that is what my new clown fish (Nemo) was thinking as I introduced him to the new tank (at least that’s what his beady eyes told me). Continue reading

An Audacious First Request of Jesus


Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes I write too little. This post is a bit of both.

Check out this story I tell on video from central Thailand of Nut’s first request of Jesus. Continue reading