What Makes a Back to School Missionary


So it’s back to school, new clothes, new pencils, and new gadgets. Anyone thinking about being a btsm (back-to-school-missionary)? Well maybe one guy is. A 15 year old student emailed last week asking me how to prepare to be a missionary while in high school. I dug around a little, it turns out there are more students out there darn serious about making a difference on their campuses.

Here’s what I wish someone would have told me in high school.  Warning: this post contains no lol, omg, l8r, bff, cya or even asap. Do you think any high schooler will read it? zzz Continue reading

Missions Location? Is That God or Me?


A teen recently texted two missionaries… “How do you know if you’re going where God wants you to go vs. where you want to go?”

Wow that’s a biggy. There are many forces to consider when tackling this one. We have emotions, desires, histories, pressures from family, cultural expectations – not to mention good days and bad days. 

How do you really know? Continue reading

Textn’ Q’s bout mission


Recently we put two of our newest long term MB Missionaries in the hot seat in front of over 700 youth (high school age) at the MB National Youth Convention.  We put a number to text on the big screens and invited everyone in the room to send in their questions to have them answered live!

As expected we couldn’t keep up. Within minutes we had over 100 text responses come in. Picture them coming from a teenager you know…they were sincere and surprisingly thoughtful …most of all they were just pretty darn inspiring.  Wanna know the top themes? Continue reading

RU speakin’ my language?


When discerning direction in life, I sometimes experience trouble knowing whether God is actually leading me. Input comes from so many sources – parents, friends, competitors and our own internal conflicts.

Add to these:





Even pride…all play their part in distracting us.

Though I hesitate to suggest a formula of any sort – here are three little questions that help me discern God’s direction in my life (in no particular order).
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7 Misunderstandings of God’s Call


Here are a few misunderstandings to the call of God that I find very helpful.

Most are adapted from Introducing World Missions, by Scott Moreau, Gary Corwin and Gary McGee. Published in 2004.

Misunderstanding 1: The Call is a Definite Event

Often God guides us into what He would have us do.
“Guidance” will happen throughout our life time.
Sometimes it is a vision or dream.
Sometimes it happens in a flash.
Sometimes it develops over time.

Consider the consequences of hearing a call to serve God with your life but not stopping to listen for how to live out the call (in what career, in which country…for how long?).
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