Salmon Run


Everyone knows salmon swim upstream. Attracted by the sound of rushing white water, they point themselves against the current leaping any obstacle in their way.

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Keys to Renewal


Every now and then we need to go to our bookshelf, dust off an old classic and give it a reread. I recently gave that honour to Charles Finney’s Lectures on Revival.  This book made me think and pray as I roll on my bicycle over pavement enjoying health, wind, and the occasional bug in the teeth.

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Heart Renovation


Some time ago, I sat with a friend of mine in his new car. It still had that new car smell. I think it was a BMW, I could be wrong. I remember the rain running down the windows in cold wet contrast to the warm super comfortable leather interior. I could feel the envy seeping into my soul.

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Not My Neighbour


Some lawyers ask too many questions.

One day Jesus is rudely interrupted by a lawyer in the crowd who poses a question,” What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Rather than telling him to shut up Jesus responds, “What is written in the Law?”  Continue reading

Humility? Forget About It


When I think of humility, my mind immediately goes to figures like Mother Teresa, Ghandi or even Nelson Mandela. It has got to be one of those intangible traits I admire every time it’s exhibited by a leader.

Mother Teresa in a Calcutta orphanage, 1979. Bettmann / Corbis

But what is it really? And how do we get it?

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Praying More


Lately I have been experiencing a renewed commitment to prayer. I have less desire to talk about it and more of a desire to just practice it. I am praying more with my kids. I am praying more with my wife. I pray more with friends. I am praying more on my own.

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When a Leader Repents


Repentance is a regular day at office for the humble leader. Granted it’s not an easy day. It’s downright hard for leaders (especially me) to admit they are wrong.

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