The Power of an Apology


The pop band OneRepublic sings this line in a chorus; “It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late.” The song tells the sad tale of a person who has been let down repeatedly by another – in fact too many times to forgive.

Is there really a threshold of no return on forgiveness? Or a limit to the grace we extend to each other? Continue reading

Lemonade Stand Generosity


I had over shot my cycling distance in the heat and ran out of water. The lemonade stand looked like an oasis in the desert.

I pulled up on my Rocky Mountain road bicycle, sweat pouring off my chin and asked if they had any water?

“Yes, I think there is a tap over there,” said one of the sweet young ladies selling the goods (she was no more than 10 years wise).

“Too bad I don’t have my wallet,” I said longingly gazing at the multiple ice cold pitchers of freshly squeezed lemonade (there had to be gallons of the stuff). Continue reading

You’re Fired!


Almost every day I ask myself, what makes a leader great?  How can I become that leader?  How do I invest in others so they too can be great leaders?

I had a good chuckle recently as I read the only three reasons for firing anyone.  “First, for not being fired up.  Second, for not having the right spirit (which always backdrops subversive actions). Third, not for making mistakes, but for either making no mistakes or not learning from them” (Leonard Sweet, Summoned to Lead, pg84).

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