Mad Bulls or Angry Crows


While on a break from our meetings together in Kenya at the beginning of January, a few of us went to grab a coke.


That’s when one person from Kenya spoke up. Continue reading

Splash Back


Recently I was praying with some MB Mission staff members for some of our colleagues who had traveled to a country where the choice to follow Jesus can cost you your life.

splash back

Our team was going to teach, equip and facilitate a retreat for church leaders. Continue reading

Same Tank, Different Water


“Wow this is way harder and more stressful than I thought,” said a TREK participant last week after returning home from a 10 month long cross cultural short term mission stint.


I’ll bet that is what my new clown fish (Nemo) was thinking as I introduced him to the new tank (at least that’s what his beady eyes told me). Continue reading

An Audacious First Request of Jesus


Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes I write too little. This post is a bit of both.

Check out this story I tell on video from central Thailand of Nut’s first request of Jesus. Continue reading

Salmon Run


Everyone knows salmon swim upstream. Attracted by the sound of rushing white water, they point themselves against the current leaping any obstacle in their way.

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One More “F Bomb” For The Road


He took one look at me from across the small Vancouver airport restaurant and came over like he knew me. With a handshake he introduced himself as ‘Joe.’ Turns out we had not met. Before long we were talking about life, politics, and God. It was Tuesday last week.

Joe’s ability to string together cuss words might have got him into the Guinness Book of World Records, should there ever exist such a record. Continue reading

Making Life Change Stick


We’ve all been to that convention. You know the one where you absolutely knew your life would forever be changed.

Then you went home. Continue reading