I Was Goliath


My 11 year daughter likes to write out her prayers.


Here is her prayer after reading David and Goliath. Continue reading

The Power of an Apology


The pop band OneRepublic sings this line in a chorus; “It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late.” The song tells the sad tale of a person who has been let down repeatedly by another – in fact too many times to forgive.

Is there really a threshold of no return on forgiveness? Or a limit to the grace we extend to each other? Continue reading

Waiting Without Whining


With Heidi’s breast cancer diagnosis, these past weeks have brought with them a series of lessons in parenting. We are still at the front end of a long journey and anticipate many more lessons along the way. Today we discovered Heidi will need a second surgery, only weeks after her first, to test more of her lymph nodes because the sentinel lymph node was positive for cancer. This afternoon we will let our kids know.

Our daughter Anastasia is 9 yrs old and our son Zachary is 7.  People repeatedly ask: “How are your kids doing?” Often those same people are a little surprised to hear us respond; “fine…we think.”

Here are some things I’m learning (caveat: I’m no parenting guru…this is our own experience and may not relate to yours):

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