Cancer’s Ditch


“There is a ditch dug in your life and there’s no going back.”

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Jesus Is Human


Ana's ideaHere is a simple reflection from our house to yours.

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I Was Goliath


My 11 year daughter likes to write out her prayers.


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Truly Safe


“Don’t ever leave your house without Jesus,” I remember Didier telling me as we sat in a taxi.

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Break It To Me


If we are honest, all of us expect bad news with a degree of fatalism. We feel like bad news closes in on us. It starts “out there” as something that happens to others in other countries, in other cities, on other streets.  Cross your fingers and count your lucky stars you weren’t in the car, plane, or general area when that all the bad stuff went down.

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Heart Renovation


Some time ago, I sat with a friend of mine in his new car. It still had that new car smell. I think it was a BMW, I could be wrong. I remember the rain running down the windows in cold wet contrast to the warm super comfortable leather interior. I could feel the envy seeping into my soul.

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One More “F Bomb” For The Road


He took one look at me from across the small Vancouver airport restaurant and came over like he knew me. With a handshake he introduced himself as ‘Joe.’ Turns out we had not met. Before long we were talking about life, politics, and God. It was Tuesday last week.

Joe’s ability to string together cuss words might have got him into the Guinness Book of World Records, should there ever exist such a record. Continue reading