Jesus Is Human


Ana's ideaHere is a simple reflection from our house to yours.

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I Was Goliath


My 11 year daughter likes to write out her prayers.


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Change of Scene


Have you ever shown up on a scene where things were not as they appeared?

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Break It To Me


If we are honest, all of us expect bad news with a degree of fatalism. We feel like bad news closes in on us. It starts “out there” as something that happens to others in other countries, in other cities, on other streets.  Cross your fingers and count your lucky stars you weren’t in the car, plane, or general area when that all the bad stuff went down.

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Not My Neighbour


Some lawyers ask too many questions.

One day Jesus is rudely interrupted by a lawyer in the crowd who poses a question,” What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Rather than telling him to shut up Jesus responds, “What is written in the Law?”  Continue reading

Wonderful Counselor


Christmas is coming (crazy fast) and all around the world millions of people will celebrate the birth of a little baby named Jesus. At least that’s what I thought was his name. Turns out the prophet Isaiah was trying to name him over 700 years before he was even born!

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Raise Your Hand


Picture a police woman standing in an intersection; it’s her first day on the job. She’s nervous, the cars whizzing past. She sports the badge, the gun, and the training of a police officer but she doesn’t feel like it. As confused drivers block up the streets waiting for her direction, they start to honk and swear. In a panic, she calls her chief for help…he gives her three words. Continue reading