My Beef With Bullies


When my son Zachary is punched in the nose, everyone within a ½ mile radius hears his huge screams and rushes to their door to help.

Unfortunately it’s becoming far too common a scene, Zachary taking the brunt of a bully’s cruelty. A scene I regret to say makes my blood boil. Continue reading

That You May Know


This morning with a cup of coffee in my hand, the living Word in the other, I read 1 John 5:13-20. I underlined 6 instances where the words “that you may know” were recorded. John knew his audience, much like us today, experience times of uncertainty, conflicting opinions, and even doubts (yes I admit to doubting now and then).

John says, I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know… Continue reading