Same Tank, Different Water


“Wow this is way harder and more stressful than I thought,” said a TREK participant last week after returning home from a 10 month long cross cultural short term mission stint.


I’ll bet that is what my new clown fish (Nemo) was thinking as I introduced him to the new tank (at least that’s what his beady eyes told me). Continue reading

Got Mentor?


Today I am off to Africa to spend time with fellow leaders committed to equipping this generation to be disciples who make disciples. As I prepare to go, I am reminded of how important it is to have a ‘life on life’ mentoring relationship with someone else.

We do not disciple the masses; neither did Jesus.  Continue reading

Everyone Was Silent Except God


The thought of not talking for 3 days freaked Jon right out. Though he is a quiet guy, thoughtful and reserved, he is also extremely social. The Silent Retreat was a required exercise for Jon’s TREK training; he had no choice but to participate. But then, how hard could it really be?

The intensity of the silence fell over the group like a wet blanket. Jon almost panicked; he became suddenly aware of the “noise” in his mind. Thoughts were screaming loudly and there arose in him a deep seated fear of being alone. Continue reading

Top 10 Life Lessons Learned On A Short-Term Mission Trip


“I have fire kindling inside of me, a tremendous sense of urgency for [everyone] to hear the message, the solution to the longing inside of their souls to get in touch with a living breathing God, who has a purpose for their lives.” (My journal-May 1998)

I was 25 years old when I wrote this. I had numerous short-term mission experiences behind me. They had taken me to multiple countries.

My journal entry from over 14 years ago included some goals. I liked them then, I like them now. Here are the top 10 life lessons learned on a short-term mission trip.  Continue reading

Missions Location? Is That God or Me?


A teen recently texted two missionaries… “How do you know if you’re going where God wants you to go vs. where you want to go?”

Wow that’s a biggy. There are many forces to consider when tackling this one. We have emotions, desires, histories, pressures from family, cultural expectations – not to mention good days and bad days. 

How do you really know? Continue reading

Textn’ Q’s bout mission


Recently we put two of our newest long term MB Missionaries in the hot seat in front of over 700 youth (high school age) at the MB National Youth Convention.  We put a number to text on the big screens and invited everyone in the room to send in their questions to have them answered live!

As expected we couldn’t keep up. Within minutes we had over 100 text responses come in. Picture them coming from a teenager you know…they were sincere and surprisingly thoughtful …most of all they were just pretty darn inspiring.  Wanna know the top themes? Continue reading

Homecoming Hazards


Life is full of ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes.’ Our relational contexts are constantly changing.  While we leave some behind, we fumble our way into new ones. A change in college, workplace or neighborhood of residence begins a journey into new relationships.  We function well in that new context believing ourselves to be relational geniuses, but then A COLLEGE or FAMILY REUNION occurs!

Continue reading