Advice To Live By In 2012


I am going to work hard at eliminating that little bulge which developed around my belt line over Christmas. And I will try to smile more in 2012 or be more thankful, but I don’t need New Year’s resolutions to do that stuff. After all I feel Bono summed it up best, “Nothing changes on New Year’s day.” (except the color and size of the shades)

This year I would rather throw out a little advice to live by. Continue reading

Everyone Was Silent Except God


The thought of not talking for 3 days freaked Jon right out. Though he is a quiet guy, thoughtful and reserved, he is also extremely social. The Silent Retreat was a required exercise for Jon’s TREK training; he had no choice but to participate. But then, how hard could it really be?

The intensity of the silence fell over the group like a wet blanket. Jon almost panicked; he became suddenly aware of the “noise” in his mind. Thoughts were screaming loudly and there arose in him a deep seated fear of being alone. Continue reading

Why I Keep A Journal


Thankfully I don’t keep a journal for an English teacher, a critical editor or future blog posts. You would likely scoff at much of what I write. But I will let you in on a little secret, I write for me. My journal keeping is a devotional exercise, through which I hone my communication skills with my heavenly Father, it is a spiritual discipline.

This morning I reflected on why I continue to attempt a regular practice of journaling.
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Different Ages Hear God Differently


A friend of mine recently commented that older generations today are reluctant to admit their ability to hear God’s voice. On the other hand young adults have no qualms using the words “God told me this that and the other thing.”

Why is that do you think? Don’t both of these realities pose some real dangers? Continue reading

Missions Location? Is That God or Me?


A teen recently texted two missionaries… “How do you know if you’re going where God wants you to go vs. where you want to go?”

Wow that’s a biggy. There are many forces to consider when tackling this one. We have emotions, desires, histories, pressures from family, cultural expectations – not to mention good days and bad days. 

How do you really know? Continue reading